Knowing Which Car Cover to Buy

November 8, 2018

I will explain the three most important things to think about when buying a car cover. I will also show you how to find the best deals on the internet and how to make sure you won’t be taken to the cleaners. The first thing we will talk about is how to choose the right cover for where you live or where you will be storing your car or vehicle. The choice of best waterproof car covers is affected by a couple things like what part of the country you live in because the weather plays a part in this. If you are in the Northeast, the Northern Midwest or Northwest part of USA then you will need a cover that can stand up to everything mother nature can throw at it. The car cover industry makes a cover just for this climate, they are waterproof and have three to four layers to help stay on your vehicle better when the weather gets wild. These covers have tie-down grommets that you can use a cable lock or bungee cord to help keep your cover from theft and wind. If you live in the Southeast, Midwest or Southwest you will have a couple different types of covers to choose from. In the Southeast, the weather climate can be very wet or dry with lots of suns. There are covers for both of these conditions. The White Tyvek cover is great for the sun and also can keep the rain out. The three-layer waterproof cover will work well in the wetter Southern states. The next factor to look at is where you will be parking the car or vehicle, in the garage, in the driveway, under a carport, on the street. If you are parking or storing your car or vehicle in the garage the lightweight dust covers will work for this. If you are parking your car under a carport you can use the lightweight covers but I would suggest the Tyvek or waterproof covers for this because the vehicle will be exposed to the outside weather. The rain and wind will play a part in this protection. Now having your car parked outside in the driveway or on the street you will need a cover that will protect you from all the weather conditions. The waterproof covers for the wet climates or the Tyvek for the dry and high sun exposure.

The next factor is where the covers come from and the brands of the covers they make. There are more than a few countries that make covers, I went online to see how many makers there are and this is a list of what I found: USA, Canada, Taiwan, China and I’m sure there are more. I would like to comment about Brands so I will say this the covers that are made in the USA tend to have better warranties and the covers that are made outside of USA have other things to offer like free cable locks, storage bags, and good warranties but just not as good USA. Now comes the subject of ordering the cover from the right company and making sure you get what you have ordered. The first thing is to make sure you check out the company you want to order from, like what are there shipping policies do they have a return policy that you will be OK with. Is there any complaints online about them. Do they have any testimonials that back up there policies. Then make sure you use a credit card, in doing this you will be protect from any unsatisfactory transactions. PayPal also will protect your transactions for up to 30 days. In doing this you will get the cover you need and have a very pleasant experience buying your car or vehicle cover. There are many types of car covers, If you are looking for a car or vehicle cover and are not sure what type of cover will fit your needs, here is some information on the wide verity of covers on the market today. I think that this information will be very helpful for those wishing to purchase a car or vehicle cover. The first type of cover that is used inside or under cover such as a carport is the one layer dust cover. This cover can help stop dust from collecting on your vehicle, it also can be used outdoors but is not recommended for long-term outdoor use. The one layer cover is great for protecting your vehicles from dust, scratches, UV rays, and is water resistant. If you are looking to store your car or another vehicle inside the garage or under the carport this cover will work well for you.

The next choice in covers are the three-layer covers that range from water resistant to waterproof depending on the type of material used during manufacturing. The light weight cover that is water resistant is used mostly in the Southwest where there is little rain and you want a cover that will stand up to the sun and still protect your car or vehicle if it rains. This cover has been treated with a UV treatment and can be used outdoors or indoors. This cover has a lifetime of maybe 2 – 3 years depending on use and proper care. The next three-layer cover available has been manufactured to be waterproof and can stand up to the sun as well. They us a special type of material in its construction that stops water from penetrating but at the same time allows moisture to wick away from under the cover. When condensation is trapped under the cover this cover will allow it to breath and stay dry so the moisture will not be trapped causing damage to your car or vehicle finish. There are three types of waterproof covers and they range from the low cost to the high end cover. They do this for the consumer, that way they have a choice depending on their budget. The low end cover will last about 2 -3 years depending on use and upkeep. The top end cover can last from 3- 10 years also depending on use and upkeep of the cover. When you are shopping for these cover be sure to check out the warranties.Then there is also a cover that is made just to handle the sun yet is water resistant. This cover is made of a material that DuPont uses in the construction of homes and buildings alike. It is used as wind and moisture barrier and will stand up to the sun better then any other cover on the market today. The material is called Tyvek by DuPont Corp. The cover industry has been using this material for some time now and has been recognized as the best UV protection in a car or vehicle cover. The color is white which is outstanding for reflecting the sun’s rays and also keeping your vehicle cool during the summer months. This cover can be a little pricey but is well worth the cost to protect your vehicles from the UV rays of the Southwest and the islands of Hawaii. Then there are the top of the line covers which have four layers. The four-layer has all the waterproofing and sun protection of the three-layer, but also comes with a fleece lining to help protect your car or vehicle finish. They are made of top of the line materials and have been treated with extra waterproofing and UV protection. This cover can come with a life time warranty. Yes you will pay for this but if you are looking to have this cover for a long time and want the best for your vehicles this is the best way to go.

The most important point about selecting the right cover is, where you will be using this cover, in the cold and wet or in the dry and hot weather, inside in your garage or outside in the weather. Vehicle covers come in all kinds of styles, colors and make. When you need a cover to protect your vehicle from the snow and rain, you should look for a waterproof cover that will stop the moisture from getting to your vehicle. All these covers are also treated with a UV block to help them last longer in the sun. There are covers out there that are only water repellent and will not stop the water from getting to your vehicle finish. This can cause damage to your vehicles to paint and also cause rust to get started under your paint causing body cancer to start eating away at your vehicle. The waterproof covers also let moisture wick away from under the cover when condensation forms in certain weather conditions. You will sometimes find that your cover is frozen to your paint and won’t let you remove it. In this case, you should use warm water and pour it over the cover till it comes off easily. This condition doesn’t happen very often but when it does don’t try to pull the cover off or you will damage the cover. The covers that are water repellent not waterproof have their use also. If you are living in an area of the country that only receives lite rain and some condensation in the AM this cover could work well for you. All of these vehicle covers are treated with UV block to help them last longer in the sun. They will keep your vehicle safe from the dust, dirt and tree sap as well as bird droppings and scratches. Your vehicle is vulnerable when left out in the street or in your driveway so why not protect it. There are car covers that are made to withstand lots of suns and will also keep your vehicle cool and dry. These covers are made from Tyvek. This material will stand up to the harsh sun of the Southwest, also the Hawaiian Islands. This Tyvek material is used in the construction industries to protect buildings from wind, rain and dirt. It is used to wrap a home or building in the construction phase, I’m sure you have seen it, it is white and very durable.

There are covers to protect your vehicle from dust, like in your garage or under a carport. These covers are made of two layers, are UV treated and are water repellent. They are great for the inside storage of a vehicle. They can be used outside as well but only for short periods of time. There are custom and semi-custom covers, the custom covers come in lots of colors and have mirror pockets. I find that the semi-custom covers are just as good and the only thing you give up is the large color selection and mirror pockets. The semi-custom covers come in all sizes to fit your vehicles and some colors to choose from, yes they don’t have mirror pockets, but they are just as good and also carry great warranties. After you have chosen which cover you need then you will have to find a good price. When looking in the Internet for car covers you should check on there shipping polices and there return policies also. Make sure you give them a call to check on your size, if you order the wrong size and have to return it most company’s charge for shipping on the exchange. So have them tell you what size to get and that will make them liable for the exchange cost if it is wrong. There are many vehicle cover companies out there and if you need information on there covers and polices just give them a call they will be happy to help you with your questions.