WebElectric's Styling Bar Brake Light Switch

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Thanks to WebElectric Products for supplying the Brake Light Switch and allowing us to do this article.

The installation of WebElectric Products brake light relay will turn off the brake light in the styling bar when the convertible top is up, and turn it on when the top is down. The wiring harness supplied is clean and easy. This technology reads the motor movement of the top to sense when the top is up and when it is down. Any back passengers will love you for this particular modification, especially at night.

Our subject car had previously installed the Styling Bar, so we can appreciate the ease of installation in conjunction with the brake relay switch. With out the switch, we had to break into the wiring harness that travels along the bottom of the floor boards underneath the rear seats, and track down the leads to the rear brake lights. With the installation of the WebElectric Products wiring harness, the power leads for the Styling Bar brake light are supplied for you, making that particular task a lot less daunting.

To start off with you are going to remove the rear seat. Refer to our article on Rear Seat Removal if you have never done this before. With the seats out you will be able to have complete access to the convertible top motor as well as the existing connections to the stock wiring harness. The next thing to do is disconnect the negative battery cable, you are tapping into the stock wiring harness you don't want any mishaps.


The wiring harness supplied by WebElectric Products had 2 in-line connectors with OEM fitting and 2 leads for power to the brake light in the Styling Bar. The initial stock wiring harness tie takes place in the trunk, on the driver's side, behind the side panel. You will need to remove a couple of the interior panels in the trunk to expose the wiring harness location. The rear trunk panel that goes from tail light to tail light needs to be removed. Unscrew the 2 cargo net hooks and pull the 4 panel retainers from the skid panel that surround the trunk latch.

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Once the retainers have been removed, you can remove the rear panel, be careful that you don't fold in and break the panel. It is flimsy in the middle area. Next, we have to remove the side panel. There is one plastic retainer that is on the underside of the upper area. It will either unscrew, or you can pop it off. This will free the panel, it will only be held in place by it's shape and the remaining body panels in the trunk area.


With the side panel removed, the stock wiring harness that we are going to tie into will be exposed.

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Separate the stock connector by releasing the locking tabs and reconnect with the matching OEM connector harness supplied by WebElectric Products.


The next step is to connect the remain portion of the wiring harness to the motor that runs the convertible top up and down, and to connect the power leads to the existing lines from the brake light in the Styling Bar.


Separate the stock OEM connector on the front to the motor, and remove the plastic retainer tab. Re-install the retainer tab onto the identical matching connector on the new harness and mount to the motor housing. Reconnect the stock connectors to the new wiring harness and the motor section is complete.


Now we have to get the power to the Styling Bar brake light. Since our light bar was installed previous to this relay, we will salvage the convenient spade connectors and re-use them on the 2 leads from the new harness. The wire gauge on the new harness is one smaller than that of the stock brake leads that we had previously tied into or that the original salvaged spade connectors mated with. For this reason we used the fold over technique to ensure that the spade connectors cut through the insulation. This problem will be unique to our situation only because we decided to re-use the spade connectors that we had.

salvage.jpg foldover.jpg

WebElectric Products always supplies everything that you need to get the job done and when all was said and done, the installation is really straight forward. Reconnect the negative terminal of the battery and test the brake light with the top down and up. This will save you a ton of headaches if there is a bad connection, otherwise you may have already reassembled the car. The only clean up left to do now it so secure the wires with the pull ties supplied and then start replacing the panels in the trunk and the rear seat.


This modification is a great benefit if you are planning to do a Styling Bar install that has a brake light. The quality of the supplied wiring harness is 100% compatible with the stock connectors and we encountered no problems. Total time to do this installation was approximately 2 hours. Don't rush and you won't break anything.


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