Heat & A/C Knobs

This may seem overly simple to some of us, but if you a new car owner, that has had no experience with how cars get assemble, it becomes important.

Changing the heater control knobs out for Billet knobs is really easy and is done in literally seconds. The stock know are pressed onto a shaft that has a flat spot on it. This flat spot servers to index the knob so that it points in the right direction. For instance, the fan knob will point to the low fan speed setting before and after your installation is done.

stockknob.jpg controls.jpg

Grasp your existing stock fan speed knob firmly between your thumb and index finger and pull directly towards your self. Replace the stock knob with you new Billet knob simply by pressing firmly, ensuring that the flat spot on the shaft matches and mates properly with your new knob.


Repeat for the temperature control and the function control knob and you are done. A brand new look for you car with the addition of a couple more Billet accessories.



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