Billet Headlight Knob

Removing the Headlight knob is essential if you are planning on removing part of your dashboard or if you are wanting to replace it with a Billet Headlight knob.

Inside the actual knob it self is a small spring steel clip. This spring clip provide a good strong friction lock for the headlight knob when it is placed over the shaft and pressed into position. The small spring clip flexes when you are putting the knob on, and once in place, flexes back into a locking position.

When you are trying to remove the knob, this spring clip needs to be released to allow for removal.


The following diagram depicts the headlight knob in position with the spring clip locked. A small Allen Wrench will work, or a small screw driver. Anything that can be pressed against the flexible side of the clip. Flexing it in the direction of the knob will release it's lock on the shaft and allow you to pull the knob off. You will have to keep the clip flexed until the knob is completely removed.

If you need to re-install the stock knob again, just simply press it firmly into position. The clip will flex and lock when the knob is seated.



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