Grand Design Trunk Lid Mat

The Grand Design trunk lid installation comes complete with deck lid mat, push pins and a great set of instructions. You are going to require the use of a drill and a 1/4" drill bit, along with a marker.

Once you have the trunk cleared for drilling, have a friend help you align your new deck lid properly. There are several structural components to the underside of the trunk lid that you can align with to get it just perfect. With the alignment tight, hold the position and mark the pre-drilled holes with a Sharpie marker. Do not attempt to drill through the holes in the mat. This can have 2 bad results:

1 - the drill could snag the matting cover and ruin the deck cover.

2 - the hole could be too close to a fiber glass edge.

stock.jpg marking.jpg

Now that we have the holes marked and you have ensured that they are in a good position, we will drill the holes that the plastic retainer pins will go in. The underside of the trunk deck in fiber glass. It will drill like you were in butter. If you are pushing hard when you break through with the drill bit, you will damage the outer skin of the trunk lid. Slow your progress right down as you are completing the hole to prevent damage to the trunk lid. When drilling, we also had a small plate to catch the dust from the drill bit. Fiber glass dust can be really itchy and hard to clean up.


With all of the holes drilled, hold the Grand Design trunk lid cover up and use 2 Philips screw drivers to align the cover with the holes that you just drilled. This will make the alignment of the push-pin retainers really easy.


Push all of the retainers in straight, until they are seated firmly against the mat. Step back and admire the newest enhancement to your ride.



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