Billet Cruise Control Buttons

The cruise switches are easy to swap out, 5 minutes and your done, and that is only because you have to be careful. The stock switches have a couple of really week rocker nibs, be careful. I snapped one of the On/Off switch.


What you need is a small blade or slot screw driver and you want to insert it between the moving switch portion and the outer black housing. You are actually going to flex the housing out a little. This will allow the rocker tabs to come free and the face of the switch will pop forward.

ccremove.jpg ccsection.jpg

This pic shows how to remove all the switches, again do this with a delicate touch.

On the right side you need to remove the Set/Coast button first then the Resume button. The resume button has a tab at the top that has to go into it's mating slot first. Just take some care and watch what you are doing.

Finally, clean rag, polish here, polish there and you can admire. Yep, all of about 5 minutes, most of that taking pics for this article.



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